PrePurchase Survey

The Vessel Pre-Purchase Survey is the most comprehensive marine survey. Typically the surveyor will spend several hours examining the boat or yacht from stem to stern evaluating the condition of the hull and systems aboard.

The Vessel Pre-Purchase Survey will also include a haul out inspection at a boat-yard of the wetted surfaces and underwater machinery. The marine survey client is responsible for the yard charges. Finally a Sea Trial will be conducted to determine performance underway.

The Fair Market Value of the boat or yacht will also be determined. The marine surveyor will generate a Survey Report with his Findings and Recommendations, and Valuation of the vessel. Digital photographs will be included.

Note: The marine survey client is responsible for scheduling and paying for the haul out at the boat yard. The owner of the yacht or boat or broker is responsible for arranging for a captain to operate the vessel during the sea trial.

The survey report Findings and Recommendations will generally be sorted as follows:

A. Safety and Coast Guard Regulations

Findings noted under “Safety and Coast Guard Regulations” should be addressed before the vessel is next underway. These findings represent an endangerment to personnel and/or the vessel’s safe and proper operating condition. Findings may also be in violation of United States Coast Guard regulations (CFRs).

B. Other findings Needing Attention

Findings noted under “Other findings” should be corrected in the near future so as to maintain standards and help the vessel retain its value.

C. Surveyor’s Notes and Observations

This heading is reserved for the Surveyor’s recommendations, notes and general other observations.

Sample Report: Pre-Purchase Sample Report