Code of Ethics

Rio Dulce Marine Surveyors are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients and adhere strictly to the ethical guidelines defined by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.


Rio Dulce Marine Surveyors is not directly or indirectly involved in selling or brokering boats, marine equipment, or related marine services and has no financial or personal interest in any organization that does.

We are not influenced by relationships with brokers, sellers, buyers, lending institutions, insurance companies, etc. to return findings that are not consistent with the facts of our investigations.

Rio Dulce Marine Surveyors will not accept any assignment, regardless of potential financial gain, where the surveyor is not confident that the work can be successfully performed in the client’s best interests.

Confidentiality Policy

The survey report, in its entirety, is the sole property of the client. Rio Dulce Marine Surveyors’ staff and surveyors will not discuss, with third parties, any of the specific information found during the survey and/or contained within the report, without the written permission of the client.